COVID-19 Response

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400+ downloads of the preparedness checklists.

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123,000 people in clinics and camps benefited from the implementation of the checklists.

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100% checklist users felt the checklists were strongly or highly implementable in their settings.

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Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working with several countries and healthcare organisations around the world, providing technical guidance, remote training support and PPE, particularly in low-resource settings.

Check-List Implementation in Moria Camp, Greece

“Even at the start of March [2020], we were yet to receive any guidance as to what to do with suspected patients, including the bigger NGOs, nobody had guidance available for us. We started to try and find the information ourselves from resources online, research anything! Just to find out what to do, how to do triage, what to wear. So when your resource [DWW Checklist 1- 4] came it came right on time. Even the name of the paper, the name of your work, was the ‘checklist’. So we were able to go through and see what we are able to do, what we may have already done wrong and how to correct it, and what we can add. It was our reference. We used your checklists to revalidate our triage system. I asked all the coordinators and medical actors that I shared your checklists with to really go through them as I felt the four checklists would enable them to become specialists in responding to COVID19”. - Doctor working in the Moria Camps (Greece).

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COVID-19 Preparedness Checklists

Using 19 years of medical expertise and drawing on information and resources from around the world, four checklists were put together by Doctors Worldwide in March 2020 to provide a starting point for local health projects, NGOs and health facilities in low-resourced settings who are preparing for COVID-19.

"I would recommend the Doctors Worldwide COVID-19 checklists, it is an essential guide on how to prepare for the situation where no one knows what to do when ‘it’ breaks in." - Checklist User

"I want to thank the Doctors Worldwide team for the checklists, they were very helpful and exactly what we really needed, exactly what we were looking for, especially in the very beginning of the pandemic when we were all asking each other about what to do" - Checklist User

"Thank you so much for your continuous effort and follow-ups for the effective teaching-learning process. And my sincere thanks to the presenters. The sessions are going well, and our team is trying to get the highest benefit from the training sessions." - A Participant

Pandemic Resilience Building

As part of our 2021 COVID-19 response activities, we focused on resilience building through training, telemedicine, peer support for healthcare workers, as well as small scale infrastructure support where needed. As the world continues to face its first pandemic in living memory, it is the most vulnerable communities with little or no access to healthcare who will face the greatest consequences and lives lost. Our urgent efforts to mobilise learning and resources to frontline health workers, as well as concentrated efforts on community awareness campaigns, provided a comprehensive first line of defence against COVID-19 and save lives.

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