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Doctors Worldwide’s COVID-19 Resilience Project

12/21/2021 10:00am

COVID-19 Resilience Project: Summary

With the new year fast approaching, Doctors Worldwide have been wrapping up a number of different projects that ran over the course of 2021, including a new addition to our COVID-19 response activities: a Resilience Building programme. This focused on training, telemedicine and peer support for health workers facing significant challenges due to the rising danger of the pandemic. A regional focus was placed on Nepal in response to a request to provide training for healthcare workers in rural and remote areas. 

“Thank you so much for your continuous effort and follow-ups for the effective teaching-learning process. And my sincere thanks to the presenters. The sessions are going well, and our team is trying to get the highest benefit from the training sessions.” - A Participant

From June to October 2021, we recruited 16 volunteer doctors and nurses to support frontline healthcare organisations and practitioners in low-resource settings screening and treating COVID-19 patients by:

  • Contributing to the development of online medical training materials and support mechanisms 
  • Teaching on various medical topics related to COVID-19 clinical care and incorporating the contextual needs of the healthcare organisation and/or practitioners on the ground. 
  • Creating case management flow charts for healthcare workers managing COVID-19 patients. 
  • Providing clinical and colleagueship support for healthcare professionals and organisations DWW collaborated with via zoom/whatsapp groups

Doctors Worldwide's COVID-19 Preparedness Checklists

COVID-19 Resilience Project: Impact

The COVID-19 Resilience webinars ran successfully over a number of months, with a vast range of participants and experts contributing to the overall development of the project. 

“The sessions were effective and the contents were useful. Our sincere thanks to all the presenters for their time and effort.” - A Participant 

Utilising remote tools and continuous engagement with health responders from around the world, Doctors Worldwide effectively engaged with experts and communities to help alleviate the negative effects of COVID-19 through this resilience project. In the process, we were reminded once again that we must fulfil a core role of supporting local partners through sharing knowledge and resources, and that we must collectively work together to support each other in this worldwide crisis.

Overall, our COVID-19 Resilience Programme achieved the following:

  • 13 training sessions via webinars were completed, on a variety of topics from mental health and community engagement to maternal health and paediatrics 
  • 144 attendees were present across all sessions 
  • 64 participants trained (with backgrounds in medicine, nursing, project management, clinical management etc.)
  • 3 DWW Checklist training sessions completed with Nepalese healthcare workers 
  • 11 countries represented by attendees, with a focus on Nepal
  • 16 health experts presented, with a diverse range of backgrounds from public health and primary care to emergency medicine and infectious diseases
  • 17 health experts assisted with content development, including those with backgrounds in sexual and gender-based violence, neonatal care and palliative care
  • 7 flow-charts created, covering topics on management of moderate, critical and severe COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 Resilience project webinar themes

Thanks to all those who supported and developed this project through offering their time and expertise to Doctors Worldwide over the last year.


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