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Emergency Appeal

Gaza Appeal

Support the distribution of critical supplies to thousands of vulnerable people in Gaza.


Earthquake Response

Support DWW in its response to the devastating earthquake in Türkiye/Syria.


100% of your zakat goes directly to our projects. Our robust and pioneering zakat model ensures your donation is used effectively and where it is needed the most.

Pakistan Floods 2022

Support the coordination of an emergency response, and help provide specialist medical camps for pregnant mothers, newborn babies & children, nutrition for lactating mothers & babies, menstrual hygiene packs & clean water.

Let us Decide

Support us to make the best decision with your donation - our general fund covers multiple projects so that your donation can go even further.

Most in Need

Help the poorest patients afford vital medical care and relief and take them out of medical debt.

Life Saving Fund

With the emergence of the coronavirus crisis, now more than ever does our Life Saving Fund need your donations to help save lives in the poorest communities around the world.

The Pakistan Project

Approximately 91,000 children in Pakistan die from pneumonia and 53,300 from diarrhoea a year - both preventable with access to simple and cheap healthcare interventions.

The Malawi Maternity Project

Globally, 94% of all maternal deaths occur in low and lower middle-income countries, yet most of these deaths could have been prevented.

Build a Legacy

What would you do if you could not access emergency care for a baby that stopped breathing? Or for a mother in difficult labour? Support us to scale up emergency care services in the Rohingya refugee camps.

Nutritional meals

Provide nutritional meals to the most vulnerable, poverty stricken patients that we support across the countries we currently operate in.

Rwanda Milk/Nutrition Programme

One child dies every 13 seconds from hunger, but with our nutrition programme, just £1 a day / £30 a month provides 1 litre of life-saving milk for a severely malnourished baby & adult.

Pakistan Nutrition Programme

Help provide meals for over 100 people per day at the DWW Hospital for those who are unable to access adequate nutrition and experience health issues as a result.

Malawi Nutrition Programme

Support patients with a terminal illness to access nutritional support for themselves and their families as part of a holistic palliative care project.

Medical Debt Relief

Just £50 can help free a cash-strapped family from the burden of an unexpected medical debt caused by a health emergency.

Medical Care Support

Every £10 supports the care of 20 patients, and £50 supports the care of 100 patients. Donate and save dozens of lives.

Support a Clinic / Hospital

We support clinics and hospitals around the world including Pakistan, Malawi, and within refugee camps.

Support a Family – Palliative Care

We are working in Rwanda to help a local organisation scale up its delivery of home-based palliative care for poverty-stricken patients and their families with life-limiting conditions.

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