HealthCare for the Poor – Restoring Sight

80% of blindness is preventable and 90% of it occurs in developing countries. DWW is working with Medewell, a local medical centre in a semi-rural area outside Dar Es Salaam to provide eyehealth services to the surrounding communities.
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Latest Projects

Maternal & Child HealthCare – DWW Junejo Maternity Centre, Sind

Imagine giving birth on a hay strewn floor. The only assistance you might have is your family and if you’re lucky and can afford it, an untrained traditional birth attendant acting as midwife with dirty scissors. We're trying to do something about it.

HappyKIDS Program – Orphans Healthcare & Nutrition

Looking after the health needs of vulnerable children and orphans is often neglected. Our Program supports hundreds of orphans and children by tackling "hidden hunger" and providing proper medical care & support.
Dr Ahmad - Doctors Worldwide

Dr. Seher Ahmad, GP

During the Pakistan floods of 2010 Dr. Seher Ahmad's was seeing between 80 - 100 patients a day, focusing on women and children, who often feel more comfortable seeing female doctors.


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