Gaza Emergency Appeal

Our ground team has
limited supplies left.

Our ground team has limited supplies left.

Time is running out.

We are on the ground in Gaza, actively distributing aid to thousands through direct supplies within Palestine, with a total of ~150,000 reached so far.Donate Now >

The current hostilities mean that of the approximately 2 million people living in this densely populated and compact area, over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed including over 70,000 suffering from injuries and life-threatening wounds, with more than half of these women and children.

Our team from Doctors Worldwide Turkey have been providing medical care, financial support and equipment in two physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres within Gaza for the past 10 years with a 20-strong team of local Palestinian staff. Despite the ongoing attacks resulting in damage to our headquarters and rendering the building uninhabitable, our team continues to provide medical aid and support for those in need across Gaza.

In Action:

Right now,

  • Throughout the month of Ramadan,hot meals are being provided to those in North and Central Gaza, at £3.50 per person. Donate Now >
  • Mobile clinic services are being provided at local schools and areas where IDPs (internally displaced persons) have gathered. Donate Now >
  • 7 aid trucks have been sent through the Rafah border carrying food packs and medical supplies, so far benefiting ~57,000 people. Donate Now >
  • Ongoing salary support to all 160 healthcare workers at Kuwaiti Hospital in order to keep services running. Donate Now >

In addition, we are currently developing a pilot project in the West Bank to train up individuals as Community Health Workers. Once trained, this support would then be utilised within Gaza, providing first aid, dressing wounds, triaging patients, and conducting needs assessments etc.

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