Gaza Emergency Appeal

Our ground team has
limited supplies left.

Our ground team has limited supplies left.

Time is running out.

We are on the ground in Gaza, actively distributing aid to thousands through direct supplies within Palestine. Right now, we are providing food packs to 175 families every single day at a cost of £30/day per family. Our team has capacity to support 125 more families, however they do not have the funds to do so. Donate Now >

The current hostilities mean that of the approximately 2 million people living in this densely populated and compact area, over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed including over 4,500 children. In addition, over 30,000 Palestinians have been suffering from injuries and life-threatening wounds, with more than half of these women and children.

Our team from Doctors Worldwide Turkey have been providing medical care, financial support and equipment in two physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres within Gaza for the past 10 years with a 20-strong team of local Palestinian staff. Despite the recent attacks resulting in damage to our headquarters and rendering the building uninhabitable, our healthcare team has continued to provide support at the Gaza Şhifa Hospital and Indonesia Hospital, where more than 35,000 people have taken shelter.

Since Oct 7, we have:

  • Reached 40,000+ people in need. Donate Now >
  • Provided bread and water to over 10,000 people so far by sourcing direct supplies within Gaza. Donate Now >
  • Provided food packs and rations to over 18,000, with over 700 more per day. Donate Now >
  • Delivered 13,837 emergency and medical materials to Gaza Şhifa Hospital which will support approximately 6,500-7,000 patients. Donate Now >
  • Stockpiled rations and aid packs in our warehouses ready to be sent from Turkey as soon as the border gates are opened. We also have supplies in Egypt waiting to enter through the Rafah border. Donate Now >
  • Treated over 3,000 patients with our medical team at Gaza Şhifa Hospital, Indonesia Hospital & surrounding areas. Donate Now >

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