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World Refugee Day

06/21/2021 12:00pm

Imagine being forced out of your home, your town and even your country leaving behind the places you grew up in with nothing but your mere memories  –this is the unfortunate situation that 1% of the global population has faced so far having been displaced from their homes and countries (UNHCR, 2020).  

As of 2019, 75.9M people have been forcibly displaced, out of which 26M are refugees (half of them are children under the age of 18). Additionally, at least 100M have been forced to find refuge within or outside the borders of their countries due to conflict or persecution over the last 10 years (UNHCR, 2019). 

World Refugee Day is celebrated to honour and recognise the strength and resilience shown by refugees in rebuilding their future all around the world on the 20th of June every year. This year, the World Refugee Day calls for communities and governments to focus on including refugees in healthcare systems, education and sport because #WeCannotWalkAlone.

COVID-19 has taught us that no one is safe until everyone is safe, which is why we need to ensure that refugees have access to vaccines, care, medicine and psychological support, like everyone else. At Doctors Worldwide, we have been working on various projects to help meet the healthcare needs of refugees in various countries. 

One of our current projects is our PGF Programme in Bangladesh, which was introduced to improve and strengthen the quality and delivery of healthcare provided to nearly one million Rohingya refugees –through which we trained 99+ doctors making an impact on 900,000+ patient consultations

This World Refugee Day, we ask you to support us in continuing our efforts in making healthcare more accessible to vulnerable refugees around the world by donating directly to our Life Saving Fund.

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