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The Life Saving Fund

Your generous donations to this fund encompass all of our current Doctors Worldwide projects in providing quality healthcare to the most disadvantaged communities across the countries that we operate in today.

Every £1 you donate provides healthcare for 2 people

The Most In Need Fund enables us to put your donations towards the people who need it most, in the manner which will have the highest impact. Even the most minor donations enable us to provide life changing treatment such as antibiotics, malaria tablets and rehydration care to vulnerable patients who simply would not be able to survive. These treatments don’t cost much, but they make life-saving differences around the world.

Low cost, high impact

For example, in Malawi, it costs only £3 for the delivery of a child, but even this is an unaffordable reality for the people who need it. We provide support to cover the medical cost of clinical treatment, medicines and aftercare for some of the poorest and in-need individuals around the world.

Helping solve Medical Debt.

In many low resource countries, poorer patients in government hospitals find themselves trapped in debt, unable to afford their emergency treatment and are often left as prisoners, powerless to leave hospital until they’ve paid any clinical bills they may have incurred. For those seen as breadwinners, and for the families and communities that depend on them there is a double blow, with the devastating loss of income whilst they are left on the ward, and the ever-deepening  family debt. Your donation allows us to release them from this financial burden.

Providing Life-Saving Nutrition

The human body requires adequate and proper nutrition to fully recover when in hospital. Without this, a sick person remains sick for longer, sapped of their strength as their body desperately works over time to help them recover, rendering them unable to return to work or education. The poorest communities cannot afford this vital sustenance and often their families are unable to bring them food. Your donations provide hot, nutritious and healing meals to provide comfort, relief, and to help patients recover quicker and more fully. We avoid dry and prepackaged food in favour of substantial meals with a high nutritional value.

We can only do this with your continued donations. Even the smallest amount of money can provide life saving treatment, and lift the shroud of hopelessness from the poorest communities in the world.

Every £10 supports the care of 20 patientsCooked, nutritious and healing meals for the destitute sick patients in hospitals who have no food or income. £2/meal per patient or £15 for 1 week£50 contributes to relieving the burden of medical debt for patients trapped in hospital

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