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Wellbeing Wednesday: 10 Last-Minute Self-Care Christmas Gift Ideas (2021 Edition)

12/22/2021 12:00pm

As the clocks tick away and we reach closer to Christmas and 2022, I’m sure some of us are still running to the shops to grab last-minute gifts for our friends, family and colleagues. These last two years have been nothing short of a challenge for everyone, so why not shake things up a notch this year by giving self-care/wellbeing gifts to your friends, or even for yourself that they you all deserve? There are an endless number of these in the market, but we have narrowed the list down to 10 last-minute self-care Christmas gift ideas just for you.

1. Candles

There are an extraordinary number of candle scents in the market, from winter special scents to refreshing herbal scents. Why not find a suitable scented candle that can help your gift-receiver relax and unwind this holiday season?

2. A soothing tea collection

Humans have been drinking tea for centuries – both caffeinated and decaffeinated - because there’s really nothing like a hot drink on a cold day to warm yourself up.  Additionally, tea consumption can bring health benefits and wellness due to the beverage's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects (UN, 2021) – which is why it makes the perfect gift!

3. Face masks and skincare

Thanks to social media influencers and platforms like TikTok, skincare, especially face masks, are now everyone’s go-to for relaxation, self-care and therefore self-love. 

The skincare market has only grown upward for years, especially now that many celebrities have their own skincare lines – meaning there are a huge range of face masks and skincare products available to choose from.

4. Essential oils 

Essential oils (plant extracts) are a type of aromatherapy – which is the practice of using essential oils for therapeutic benefit. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain (John Hopkins Medicine). The best way to use essential oils is to use aroma sticks, a diffuser or even aromatherapy accessories – these may be exactly what someone needs to de-stress and relax.

5. Water bottle 

Re-usable bottles can make great gifts because they aren’t only eco-friendly and help cut down plastic waste, but they also can motivate someone to start getting more hydrated in the new year, which is an essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle! 

6. Meditation app subscriptions

Panic, worry, and stress are normal responses to perceived or real threats, and at a time when we are faced with a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic - leading to many more individuals facing mental health struggles as a result -  apps like Headspace, Aura and Calm have become increasingly popular. Why not gift a subscription to one of them to provide your loved ones with a relaxing outlet for their worries? 

7. Journal 

Journaling is also becoming an increasingly popular way for people to manage their mental health and engage in self-care. According to James W. Pennebaker, a social psychologist at the University of Texas, labelling emotions and acknowledging traumatic events — both natural outcomes of journaling — have a known positive effect on people (Hayley Phelan, 2018). So, what better way for someone to kick start a new year with a new journal? 

8. Meal kit subscription

In a world that now relies on speed and convenience due to technology, and with more and more people entering the workforce and full-time education, we often find it difficult to set aside a large chunk of time to meal prep or cook. This can often mean meal time is less focused on what goes into your body and its health benefits, and instead prioritizes food of any kind - to satisfy cravings and maintain efficiency. You could argue that food delivery apps exist for a reason, but they are often a pricey option for many, and an unsustainable approach to food. As we all know, food is fuel and eating healthy and on time promotes benefits for both our mental and physical wellbeing.

Hence, meal kit delivery options like Hello Fresh and Gousto are more affordable and healthy options that make cooking a lot easier. 

9. Indoor plants

Indoor plants can make a lot of difference in someone’s life; for some it may be like owning a pet/child that needs care, and for others it may be a hobby to grow and look after plants. Either way, it can be a great gift to offer company for those who are living alone. 

10. Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus branches in your shower have many benefits, such as relieving your sinuses, whilst they are also said to be a natural stress buster. There are lots of small businesses on Etsy that sell these branches pre-tied and ready to be hung in someone’s shower, making it the perfect last-minute gift. 

You can also make this winter truly count for your friends and family by gifting hope to those who need it the most, and donating to our Maternal Care Project on their behalf – this will save and change the lives of many mothers and babies in rural Malawi by providing them access to quality healthcare.

Find out more (Winter Campaign link)

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