Would you walk miles through fields and over dirt roads whilst in labour to reach a clinic? Some women have no choice.

Ambu-Bike/Maternity Project

In Malawi, 70% of pregnant women face issues in accessing maternal health services, whilst many women have to walk up to 9km to a clinic, leading to birthing complications and maternal deaths.

Your donations will pay for Ambu-bike materials and will oversee the training of Ambu-bike cyclists in a bid to increase local access to maternity clinics, with the aim of reducing maternal deaths, as well as increasing the uptake of mother and baby health checks. Crucially, your donations will also support the rebuilding of strategically placed maternal clinics in rural areas that either have poorly functioning maternity clinics, or nothing at all. This will not only increase antenatal, postnatal and neonatal screening which will reduce complications during and after pregnancy, but also save lives during labour.

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Our Mission

At Doctors Worldwide, we believe that access to quality healthcare isn’t a privilege, it is a human right, and we work towards making that a reality for the most vulnerable communities. Over the past 20 years, we have been delivering quality medical care and relief in 25 countries across the globe. To date, we have delivered 96+ healthcare projects, saving/changing over 3 million lives and counting. Our approach focuses on low cost, high impact solutions: every £1 you donate provides quality healthcare for 2 people.

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Last year in Malawi, your support meant that:


babies were safely delivered


mothers provided with antenatal care


mothers provided with postnatal care