Share Your Warmth / DWW Winter Giving Campaign

12/22/2020 12:00pm

Winter is the season of warmth. Whether that be physically or emotionally, we find joy in family gatherings, good food and crackling fires. We bundle ourselves up in furry layers and buy warm drinks to protect ourselves against the cold. Yet for many individuals around the world, winter is a battle for survival and strength. For the most vulnerable, fighting illnesses, poverty, displacement and fleeing from conflict, the cold and bleak season offers no comfort and warmth. It only brings fear, greater health risks, and desperation. 

This year Doctors Worldwide is launching its winter giving campaign, ‘Share Your Warmth’, to support the most vulnerable who will be struggling this winter. With the escalation of COVID-19 cases, it is imperative that we continue supporting the most vulnerable among us. Every penny given for a good cause can be truly life-changing. Whether a medication that eases breathing difficulty, or a hot meal to aid healing in hospital, get involved now and share the warmth by donating today.

  • Donating £2 (roughly equivalent to 1 cup of coffee) provides a cooked, nutritious meal for a hospital patient. 
  • Donating £20 provides quality healthcare for 40 people. 
  • Donating £50 ensures 10 babies are safely delivered.
  • Donating £100 treats 200 patients with essential medicines

Why Now?

For many, winter is the season of joy. Even in the context of COVID-19, we are still determined to find alternative, safe ways to spend time with those we love, and fill our lives with as much happiness and comfort as possible. However, for those living in vulnerable circumstances, the existence of the coronavirus in these winter months is deadly. 60% of deaths in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) requiring healthcare already occur due to poor quality care, whilst an estimated 1 million newborn deaths and half of all maternal deaths each year could be prevented by high quality health systems. (WHO, 2020). Lack of shelter, nutrition and basic health facilities in these cold months mean previously mild medical issues will develop into issues posing greater risk to the survival of vulnerable individuals. 

Winter is the season of giving. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we spend the winter months celebrating our relationships and expressing our gratitude for the people we have in our lives. With the new year approaching, we spend time reflecting and making resolutions and decisions for our future. When families gather, we marvel at how quickly time passes and how children grow so fast. Yet around the world, there are millions of children fighting for their own survival, unsure whether they will still be alive in the new year, unsure whether they will even have a future. At the end of 2019, approximately 30 – 34 million children and youth below the age of 18 were forcibly displaced from their homes worldwide & at least 153,300 children were registered as unaccompanied or separated from their families (UNHCR Global Trends, 2019).

Sacrifice a hot drink and change a life. Share your warmth with someone in need this winter.

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