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Improving Care In Health Emergencies: Launching Soon The DICE Programme

03/14/2020 12:00pm

Doctors Worldwide has actively been working on the ground in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since November 2017. In partnership with the UN-IOM we have been able to respond to the Rohingya Crisis through capacity building and health system strengthening benefiting the local community as well as the Rohingya people. To date, over 900,000 patient consultations have benefitted and many more daily.

Emergency care is currently not a specialised field in Bangladesh. Timely and critical interventions through training and health systems strengthening can help enable and build the emergency care systems and save lives.

Emergency care is an essential global focus as evidenced by a recent resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly (WHA72.16) in May 2019. Without effective emergency care systems, universal health and essential components of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (maternal mortality ratio, neonatal mortality, under-5 mortality and deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents) cannot improve any further. Other time critical illnesses like sepsis, heart attacks and strokes can only benefit from early interventions.

For the past few months Doctors Worldwide has been working on its new 9-month ‘Improving Care in Health Emergencies’ programme known as the DICE programme. Between April and December 2020 we will be working in 10 facilities and deploying expert emergency doctors and nurses from around the world including Bangladesh to  support local Bangladeshi staff in introducing and building emergency care in refugee camps and communities in Bangladesh. 

The DICE programme introduces the delivery of emergency care through the development of health systems and training within the Cox’s Bazar region of Bangladesh. It will focus on patient treatment at all levels of care during a humanitarian response including primary care. 

Doctors Worldwide will contribute to the development of the healthcare system in the Rohingya  camps in an aim to decrease the morbidity and mortality from preventable causes. We will train doctors, nurses and medical assistants in specialised emergency medicine topics, improve facility governance, introduce clinical audits and provide face-to-face clinical supervision training. 

If you work in emergency medicine whether as a nurse or doctor and you  fit the criteria required for deployment you can apply here to take part in this fantastic opportunity to introduce emergency care in Bangladesh. 

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