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Our healthcare volunteering positions are open to all healthcare backgrounds including nurses, doctors and paramedics. Visit our website regularly or sign up to our newsletter for the latest announcements and opportunities.

If you would like to be involved with Doctors Worldwide but aren’t sure how your skills and experience would best fit, please register your interest through the application form and we can get in touch if any suitable opportunities become available.

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We are seeking medical doctors and nurses as content developers for the DICE Programme


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We are looking for emergency medicine doctors and emergency medicine nurses to implement the DICE (Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Health Emergencies) programme and support local staff in introducing and building emergency care in 24/7 health facilities operating in refugee camps and host communities in Bangladesh between April – December 2020. The training will be conducted/spaced out over 9 months involving 4 full days per week of on-site clinical supervision and hands-on training/learning through logbook assessments and patient consultations. There will be an additional 1-day of face to face learning/lectures away from the clinical sites for didactic learning, case-based discussion and simulations.


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We are urgently seeking medical doctors to create case management flowcharts for patients being treated within a COVID-19 isolation facility.