Rebuilding Futures:
Pakistan Winter Appeal

Support the rebuild of 3 rural clinics damaged by the floods that provide free healthcare for nearly 0.5 million people in Pakistan.

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Pakistan is one of the top ten countries in the world affected by climate change, despite only being responsible for 1% of global greenhouse emissions.

Now, after the devastating floods that swept the country over the last few months, 1,543 health clinics have been partially or fully destroyed resulting in millions of people without adequate access to healthcare. Right now, communities need support to rebuild their lives and futures, as well as urgent medical care for post-flood diseases and mental trauma. Support us today so that together we can rebuild the futures of those most vulnerable in Pakistan.

As part of Doctors Worldwide’s strategic and sustainable post-flood relief response activities, we are:

(2) Upgrading existing primary care services

(4) Supplying the necessary medical equipment and medicine for communities in need.

(6) Supporting the service development of the DWW hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Help rebuild futures in Pakistan this winter >

Since the floods began, we have:

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In focus: Food and Warmth for the Broghil Valley Communities

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Help rebuild futures in Pakistan this winter >
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