Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures

Our Sustainable Futures campaign explores the values of Doctors Worldwide - integrity, collaboration, and clinical excellence - and how they are embedded in all of the work we do to ensure long-term, sustainable solutions to healthcare challenges.

At what point does a charity’s work feel ‘worthwhile’ enough for you to support - with your time, your money, or advocacy?

Is it their photos? Their videos? The brand ambassadors they work with or the breadth of projects they develop?

Often, large chunks of our work is capacity building, training and system strengthening. In health care in particular, providing a medical service is only the start. Does the doctor have enough time to make a correct diagnosis (2 min average time of consultation in many poor places around the world)? Is the diagnosis correct? Is the correct medication given? Do they even have access to the medication needed? There are so many aspects of care that have to work well together, and in a nutshell, this is part of system strengthening and why training is so important. Without this, the support provided by you would not be sustainable, have a long-term impact, or truly benefit the people we serve.

However, a group of medical staff holding meetings, trainings and conducting needs assessments in a health clinic is not something the algorithm finds interesting.

It’s not emotive enough.

It doesn’t show lives being saved, people being fed, or shelter being provided. Even if - without this - none of the front-facing work could occur effectively or sustainably.

Through insights from partners, staff, trustees, our Sustainable Futures Campaign aims to highlight the importance of our values - integrity, collaboration, and clinical excellence - as well as the way we serve communities in need through capacity building and systems strengthening (and hopefully unpicking what this means), in order to showcase the absolute necessity of this approach as a solution to challenges with health access, health improvements, and health emergencies - even if it doesn’t hit all the buzzwords on social media.

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