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Globally, 94% of all maternal deaths occur in low and lower middle-income countries, yet most of these deaths could have been prevented (WHO).

In Malawi, approximately 70% of pregnant women face issues in accessing maternal health services, many women have to walk up to 9 km to reach a clinic (often suffering from birthing complications due to the limited resources and support available during their labour) and in rural areas such as the Balaka District, numerous members of the community are losing their lives due to crocodile attacks whilst attempting to cross the river separating them from the nearest facility.

For every £3 you donate to our maternal care programme this Ramadan, we will increase this by a further £1 through a match funded grant.

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It only takes 60 seconds to distribute your donation over the last ten nights of Ramadan with our automated system, and take full advantage of Laylat Ul-Qadr, when the reward for any righteous act is equivalent to having performed the same act for 83 years.

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Most in Need

At Doctors Worldwide, our work supports communities in need to tackle access to quality healthcare, providing low cost, high impact solutions to such challenges.

Health Access

Your donation goes towards covering a variety of healthcare needs such as emergency nutrition, malaria tablets, clean water & training for medical staff in clinics we support, as well as providing core projects such as palliative care, medical debt relief and maternal care. Current key areas of focus include work in Pakistan, Malawi and Rwanda.

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Health Emergencies

Health Emergencies: In the last two years alone, we were one of the first responders to the emergency relief efforts during the Turkiye-Syria earthquakes (rehabilitation work on this is still occurring), as well as supporters of the flood response in both Bangladesh and Pakistan, whilst our work on the ground in Gaza (beginning over ten years ago) is ongoing and scaled up since the recent aggressions. Read more about our approach to emergency work >

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