£10 helps a patient return home after being released from medical detention >£20 covers a year of medical insurance for a family of 6 individuals >£50 helps relieve the medical debt of 1 patient >

243 patients supported with their medical bills.

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450 patients and babies supported to date

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4 neonatal cases supported with social care.

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Due to poverty, many vulnerable patients struggle to pay for the medical care they have received from their local hospital or clinic. As a result, these health facilities have no choice but to detain patients until their bills are paid. These can be as little as £5.

Iradukunda’s Story

Iradukunda is only 3 years old but has been trapped in hospital for 2 years due to respiratory failure. For patients in wealthier countries like the UK, children are often safely discharged with the provision of home medical equipment and training for parents, and continued support. For Iradukunda, there is nowhere for her to go and no affordable support on offer. Her family are all HIV positive. They have no shelter and her mother is a single parent. For over half her life, she was unable to leave the hospital or afford the care she needed until we intervened. Your donation has now supported her safe return home with a personal oxygen support and medicine, as well as shelter, meals, clothes and hygiene material for her and her family.

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Why is the MDRP Project so Important?

A health emergency can happen to anyone at any time. Whether that is an urgent caesarean birth, a child who has stopped breathing, or an adult involved in a car accident, access to medical treatment is a human right, yet many around the world are unable to afford the care they deserve.

"As a result, medical services are now being provided more efficiently as the number of facilities available and the number of patients delayed to be discharged has decreased." - Prof. Lysine (Medical Debt Relief project, Medical Director at CHUK

The MDRP Project In Action

At Doctors Worldwide we believe wealth should never influence a person’s choice to seek medical help. Our Medical Debt Relief Project (MDRP) addresses medical poverty by clearing the medical bills of the most vulnerable patients currently detained in hospitals.

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