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Since 2016, we have been working to deliver free, quality healthcare, in Mangochi, one of the poorest regions in Malawi, and to support high risk patients in the city of Blantyre, benefiting 10,000 patients a month. In 2020, we also began working with local partners to rehabilitate 18 healthcare facilities, build clinics, improve transport access to clinics via ambu-bikes, develop palliative care provisions, and provide both healthcare and health management training where access to quality training is unavailable.

Zainabu’s Story

Zainabu, a 23 year old mother, had to walk and wait 18 hours for a total of 6 minutes of clinical consultation with a medical officer. She has had aches and pains in her body for days and her baby has had open sores on her thigh for two months. This is her third visit to the health facility. Zainabu received painkillers but the ointment prescribed for her baby was out of stock. She doesn’t have the money to buy it anyway – it costs £1.50 and she doesn’t even have the 40p it costs to take a minibus to the clinic. Even then, Zainabu doesn’t complain. She is happy there is a free clinic service and that she managed to see a clinical officer and get some advice. For many others like her, this is not an uncommon situation. Your support can create a new reality for Zainabu, and allow others like her to receive better quality consultations, medical care support and transport.

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Why is the HSS Project Needed?

Malawi is a small landlocked country in southern Africa with over 75% of its 17 million population living on less £1 a day. In 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranked it as the 3rd poorest country in the world. Malawi’s health system struggles due to the high burden of diseases, low level of health workers and overall lack of funding to provide health services to the population. The top causes of death are HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases, malaria, complications at birth and malnutrition. One of the biggest healthcare challenges in Malawi is therefore the lack of access to high quality healthcare services

The HSS Project in Action

With your support, Doctors Worldwide is rehabilitating 18 healthcare clinics, building a new maternity unit, training healthcare workers and providing extra clinical officers and medical assistants in the clinics we support. In addition, we are developing a network of ambu-bikes, run by volunteers in the local community, in order to increase access to maternal healthcare services and prevent birthing complications that can often lead to illness and even death. An integrated palliative care pathway is being built between healthcare clinics and the local community, whilst we also cover any additional needs that arise such as PPE.

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