Our People

The DWW team is made up of a diverse range of people working hard to serve communities in need around the world. Our team ranges from the board of trustees, executive team, overseas staff, volunteers and supporters.

Monowara Gani Profile Picture

Monowara Gani

Chief Executive
Dr Bushera Choudhry Profile Picture

Dr Bushera Choudhry

Dr Saddaf Alam Profile Picture

Dr Saddaf Alam

Dr Ibrar Majid Profile Picture

Dr Ibrar Majid

Dr Najeeb Rahman Profile Picture

Dr Najeeb Rahman

Dr Shazaad Ahmad Profile Picture

Dr Shazaad Ahmad

Georgia Venner Profile Picture

Georgia Venner

Project Manager
Dr Mir Ahmad Profile Picture

Dr Mir Ahmad

Training Programme Director
Imogen Ing-Simmons Profile Picture

Imogen Ing-Simmons

Project Support Officer & PA
Sayeed Ahmed Profile Picture

Sayeed Ahmed

Field Coordinator
Yahya Alam Profile Picture

Yahya Alam

Chief Technical Officer
Monowara Gani Profile Picture

Hawwa Alam

Communications Officer
Tharika Gunasekaran Profile Picture

Tharika Gunasekaran

Digital Marketing & Communications Support Officer
Kamrul Islam Profile Picture

Kamrul Islam

Video Editor
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