The DWW team is made up of a diverse range of people working hard to serve communities in need around the world. Our team ranges from the board of trustees, executive team, overseas staff, volunteers and supporters.


Dr Ibrar Majid


Ibrar works in the NHS as a Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital with a specialist interest in Paediatric Major Trauma and Limb Reconstruction. He has been active in the NGO sector since 2005, and has travelled to work on both developmental and emergency missions in sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

Ibrar is an alumnus of an NHS Clinical Leadership Fellow scheme and has worked on several programmes related to health leadership and service delivery. Ibrar regularly runs workshops and seminars on personal development, self awareness and leadership both nationally and internationally. He has recently completed a PGDip in Health Care Policy. and Management at the Health Service Management Centre, University of Birmingham.

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Monowara Gani

Chief Executive Officer


Monowara is the Chief Executive Officer at Doctors Worldwide. Prior to joining Doctors Worldwide, Monowara has held numerous senior executive roles leading various not for profit organisations within the humanitarian sector including development education, campaigning, and a consortium of large and medium iNGOs. She has produced a variety of award-winning resources and training courses on development and change, and has been working in the NGO sector for more than 12 years. Monowara has previously worked on development projects and advocated various long-term resilience response in disaster management, including running international conferences with multilateral stakeholders, various governments and institutes.

Monowara is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach specialising in performance development and organisational effectiveness, and she has designed and delivered coaching seminars and 1-2-1s to more than 10,000 adults to date. She has a degree in Microbiology from the University of Nottingham.

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Dr Saddaf Alam

Board Member & Treasurer


Saddaf is a G.P. in Oldham. He was the first Chair of Doctors Worldwide and was part of the original group that first formulated the concepts and the formation of the charity. As part of his work with the charity he has traveled to Congo, Bosnia, Pakistan and South Africa. He remains on the Board of Trustees, and is he the current Treasurer. A Former Chair of Mediconcern, he also worked with the Federation of human rights lawyers.

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Dr Bushera Choudhry

Board Member

Bushera is a GP principal and trainer in Salford. She has a keen interest in teaching and is an experienced undergraduate tutor. She is an examiner for the university of Manchester medical school. As part of her work with DWW she has worked in Kenya and is the current chair of the board. 


Dr Najeeb Rahman

Board Member


Najeeb studied, trained and worked in the UK after obtaining his primary medical degree from the University of Leeds, and holds Diplomas in Humanitarian Assistance as well as Public Health. He has a special interest in Global Emergency Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance. He currently works as a Locum Consultant in Emergency Medicine, having

recently worked in the UAE as well as Rwanda in senior clinical roles, as well as supporting system development and training the next cadre of emergency physicians.

He is a former Chair and continues to be a trustee of Doctors Worldwide, and has more than a decade of experience in disaster response as well as health development programmes in more than 10 countries across the globe.


Dr Shazaad Ahmad

Board Member


Shazaad is a specialist trainee in infectious diseases and virology in Manchester. He has a diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene as well as a Masters in Tropical Medicine and International Health, both from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His work included tracking Ebola across East Africa with the WHO. Shazaad’s first mission for Doctors Worldwide was to Pakistan during the 2010 floods and he has recently visited one of their development projects in Malawi.