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Your Impact in 2022: Healthcare Projects

01/03/2023 3:11pm

As 2022 comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support across all our healthcare projects. This year, we saved and changed the lives of thousands of vulnerable individuals and provided hundreds of families with urgent care and resources, not just through our long-term programmes but also via our emergency response to the devastating floods that hit Pakistan this summer. Without you, this would not have been possible.

2022: Project Highlights

Continue reading for a snapshot of some of our project highlights from the past year. For detailed information about all our projects, visit our website here 

your impact malawi healthcare training and development doctors worldwide

Malawi: Training & Development

As part of our Health Systems Strengthening Programme in Malawi, we are rehabilitating 18 healthcare clinics, building a new maternity unit, training healthcare workers, including nurses, clinical officers and medical assistants. 

Impact so far:

  • 3,610 maternity patients
  • 313 babies delivered
  • 590 antenatal appointments
  • 341 postnatal appointments
  • 162 referrals for complicated deliveries 
  • 26 clinics supported and received training
  • 14 training sessions conducted
  • 42 doctors trained in clinical and non-clinical services
  • 43 nurses trained in clinical and non-clinical services
  • 196 facility staff trained in clinical and non-clinical services
  • Launch conference for our partner held with 79 attendees

your impact pakistan emergency flood response doctors worldwide healthcare

Pakistan: Emergency Flood Response

After the devastating floods that swept the country since the summer months, 1,543 health clinics have been partially or fully destroyed resulting in millions of people without adequate access to healthcare.

Since the floods began, we have:

  • Collaborated with local organisations, providing technical guidance and input to a consortium of local Pakistani organisations who are working on immediate relief activities during the acute phase of the flood response supporting hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis. 
  • Supported a total of 14 districts across 4 provinces.
  • Provided family resource packages to 1,208 households: 2,026 women, 2,179 men and 4,221 children were provided with jerry cans to store clean water, together with water purification tablets, health & hygiene support, and women's dignity kits. 
  • Provided 160 families with mosquito nets in KPK due to a rise in Dengue and Malaria
  • Provided blankets and food packs to the Broghil Valley community.
  • Working to rebuild and furnish 3 rural health clinics that provide healthcare to nearly 0.45million Pakistanis in Sindh
  • Dedicated water, sanitation and hygiene awareness sessions to families

your impact pakistan welfare canteen doctors worldwide healthcare

Pakistan: Welfare Canteen & Community Outreach

Our Hospital Canteen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was developed as a community canteen early this year. Since it opened:

  • 85 families/400+ receive hot meals every day 
  • 57 widows, 199 orphans, 116 poor children, 10 families with a disabled parent or child, and an additional 30 poverty stricken families receive daily/monthly support
  • 1 month’s worth of dry food packs provided to 30 families living between 3-5 kilometres of the hospital, due to  experiencing difficulties related to time, weather, transport and finances in visiting the canteen on a regular basis.
  • House built for four young orphan girls and their uncle, to protect them from the harsh winter

rwanda healthcare milk project doctors worldwide

Rwanda: Milk Programme

In Rwanda, we are working with one of the main clinics in Kigali to provide one litre of milk per person every day to all the babies, children and adults that are clinically diagnosed with malnutrition. So far:

  • 18 malnourished babies and adults successfully discharged from the programme so far 
  • 158 receiving food/nutrition support

Access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, it is a human right, and we work towards making that a reality, especially for the most vulnerable communities. As 2023 begins,  please continue to support our work so that together we can help save and change even more lives in the coming months.

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