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You changed the lives of 105,042 people this year

04/15/2023 12:00pm

Did you know that over the past year 69,092 people received medical treatment across Malawi, Rwanda, Pakistan and Bangladesh thanks to your donations. In addition, 2,535 mothers and babies received safe births and antenatal/postnatal care, whilst 8,053 people received nutrition support, and 462 medical/healthcare workers were trained, with thousands more lives saved and changed.

None of this would have been possible without you. 

Each person supported by your donations has their own unique story, their own set of challenges, and their own hopes and dreams. Many of these individuals need only simple treatments and medication to see drastic life improvements, whilst others are suffering from entirely preventable illnesses if the right healthcare is available to access. The costs for these interventions are often small: £15 for a week of meals for a sick patient, £1 per litre of milk for a malnourished child, £10 for 20 people’s medication. To us, these few pounds may not seem significant. To others, it could be the difference between life or death.

changed and impacted lives doctors worldwide

Thanks to your monthly regular donations, we know exactly where funding will come from to consistently support a project, whilst your single donations also significantly increase the impact of our work through our low cost high impact solutions to health access, health improvement and health emergency challenges. 

To read more about your impact, including the moving story of Baby Chance, a recipient of our Palliative Care programme, click here.

Read our full 2021 - 2022 Impact Report here. 

Donate today to continue making a difference for those in need.

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