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World Children’s Day: Gaza Update

11/20/2023 10:00am

Children make up 47% of Gaza’s population, and are currently experiencing extreme levels of damage to their mental health as a result of the ongoing bombardments. The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports that 444 families have lost multiple members in the past number of weeks, with 192 families losing 10+ members of their family (Save the Children). As a result, thousands of children, already suffering life-altering trauma due to the ongoing fear, pain, injury and violence around them, are also experiencing this alone, without family support. Significantly, the immense number of children entering hospitals for medical care without any member of their family beside them has since resulted in a new acronym as a form of identification: “WCNSF” (Wounded Child No Surviving Family). 

Since Oct 7th, thanks to our team on the ground sourcing supplies from directly within Gaza:

  • 3,110 patients treated 
  • 13,837 medical kits distributed
  • 15,380 people received food packages
  • 100 patients received hospital kits
  • 9,400 people received bread & water
  • 900 families received meat
  • 750 children received nappies
  • 3,500 people received medical examinations

In addition, our team - alongside the distribution of essential supplies like food, water and hygiene kits - recently held a face painting session for children in Gaza, in order to provide them with a brief moment of distraction and fun in the midst of the destruction around them.

More about our work in Gaza: www.doctorsworldwide.org/palestine 

Donate now: www.doctorsworldwide.org/donate 

world children's day gaza appeal

world children's day gaza appeal

world children's day gaza appeal

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