Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday: Hawwa's Guide to Wellbeing

05/25/2022 12:00pm

It’s been a while since our last Wellbeing Wednesday, but we’re back, and today we had a chat with our Communications Officer, Hawwa Alam, to get an insight into the activities she undertakes in order to support her physical and mental wellbeing. 

Generally, Hawwa says that she tries to maintain a structured and consistent daily routine (e.g. waking up, eating breakfast, working, and then trying to do a home workout in the evening), which includes finding the best way to relax - whether that's watching something or reading a book or talking to her friends. She also prays right before sleeping to clear her mind.

Hawwa’s Spread Of Wellbeing Activities: 

Hawwa said that she does a variety of different activities to keep her wellbeing on check. For starters, she said that she used to love playing basketball, but to accommodate the demands of her now busy post-uni schedule, her (very expensive!) solution to no longer having a team to play for is booking half a court for herself to shoot hoops in order to de-stress. After graduating from a particular essay intensive and academic degree, her childhood favourite hobby - reading - was put on pause. However, now out of a “reading slump”, she now reads both fiction and non-fiction books, which she says helps her relax and distract her mind from focusing on work and her never-ending to-do list. Finally, Hawwa says being out in nature brings her peace, whether it’s just a walk around the park with her friends, or sitting by the nearby lake to spend time bird/cloud watching. 

Hawwa's testimonial on looking after your wellbeing

Hawwa on the importance of wellbeing activities:

As someone who has multiple jobs, Hawwa is always thinking about something, meaning a lot of her mental energy is taken up every day juggling many different things at once. Hawwa says that engaging in some of the wellbeing activities above helps clear her mind and serve as a well-needed distraction from thinking about work. She says that when she is in the basketball court or in the middle of a workout, the entire world disappears around her as she is solely focused on the activity she is undertaking, which is both relaxing and also energising at the same time. Additionally, Hawwa says that activities like sitting/walking around the park or doing art offer her some well-needed tranquillity and time for reflection allowing her space and time to declutter her thoughts. 

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