Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday: Gwen's Guide to Wellbeing

03/16/2022 4:05pm

For this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday, we have spoken to one of our amazing staff members once again, this time asking Gwen (Project Support Officer and PA) to share the activities that she undertakes in order to support her physical and mental wellbeing. 

Firstly, Gwen says that she starts her week by planning what she will be doing over the next few days to ensure that she is participating in activities besides working (especially when working from home). For example, she may plan a run on Monday during lunchtime, yoga on a Tuesday, a meeting with her friend on a Wednesday after work and maybe a dinner plan on a Friday evening to end her week. She says that doing this helps her look forward to every day of the week, rather than just waiting for the weekend! 

Gwen’s Spread Of Wellbeing Activities: 

  • She tries to go for a run 3 times a week and also goes for walks on the days that she does not go for a run (if possible, and if the weather's nice!). She also tries to do yoga fairly regularly.
  • She has also started reading again as part of her New Year resolution, and says that she tries to read a little every night – even if it's just 1 chapter.
  • She also keeps up a good relationship with her friends and family even if they live far away, which often involves video calling and long catch up chats during the week!
  • And finally, she loves to listen to music, and if she really wants to indulge herself, she puts her headphones on and just zones out for an hour or more, listening to an album or set online. 

“If you’re not taking care of yourself then how could you possibly be able to help others around you effectively or sustainably?”

Gwen says that after undertaking physical exercises such as running and walking, she feels more motivated and gets a boost of energy. She also says it makes her feel healthy and good about herself, especially if she manages to keep up a routine of going on runs a few times every week.

Although Gwen says yoga is a bit more of a challenge for her as she is actively trying to increase her flexibility (which she claims is very poor at the moment!), she feels a little humbled after a session as it makes her realise how much more there is to do. Regardless, she says that she enjoys doing yoga, as it helps her feel calm, and centres her body and mind.

Furthermore, she says reading is a way for her to escape reality, which is why she loves it so much. Music makes her feel really connected to others around her and gives her hope. 


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