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Turkiye/Syria Emergency Response: Activities Update

03/24/2023 12:00pm

Last month, on Monday 6th February 2023, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 hit Turkiye and Syria, with a following earthquake causing more destruction two weeks later (6.4 magnitude, followed by an aftershock of 5.8). The death toll is now set to be over 50,000.

Since day one, Doctors Worldwide’s teams in Türkiye and Syria have been providing medical care and emergency relief in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Gaziantep, Mersin, Adıyaman, and the hardest hit area in North West Syria [Jindires] through our hospital tents and mobile medical clinics, supporting search and rescue teams, hygiene kits for families living out in the streets, as well as food, water, heaters and medication. 

As of 20th March 2023, your support has already resulted in: 

  • 64,638 people received medical care & relief 
  • 189 Turkish medical volunteers involved
  • 4,991 people received hygiene kits, food and emergency materials such as blankets, heaters, diapers
  • 33 surgeries conducted
  • 26,881 free medications provided 
  • 875 psychosocial support sessions
  • 3,430 psychosocial support beneficiaries
  • 10 babies safely delivered

Turkiye-Syria: Long Term Activities

It is now more than 6 weeks since the earthquake and our team continues to provide medical care and relief in Turkiye and North West Syria to more than 500 people every day at our hospital tents in Turkiye as well as in the hardest hit region of Syria (Jindires) through the only medical clinic in the refugee camp, which has now doubled in size due to internal displacement of Syrians from the earthquake. Our long term activities include:

  • 20,000 strong Turkish medical volunteers providing ongoing medical care
  • Treating over 500 patients treated daily at our hospital tents & mobile clinics
  • Friendship tents providing psychosocial support to traumatised children, including safe play spaces, sports, movie nights and more
  • Addition of doctors, psychologists and healthcare services in North West Syria through our medical clinic, the only one in the refugee camp in Jindires, providing medical care for Syrians displaced by the earthquake
  • A safe playground with toys for Syrian children in the refugee camp in Jinderas/North West Syria who currently have nothing

Find out more about our Turkiye-Syria Campaign / View our Ramadan 2023 Campaign / Support our work today.

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