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Cooking For A Good Cause: Join Our Community Cooking Challenge #ShareYourMeal

04/10/2021 12:00pm

Love food? Join our DWW Community Cooking Challenge!

Lockdown and COVID19 has been a lot to deal with, hasn’t it? We went from leaving the house, meeting friends and family, and participating in events and activities, to staring at the four walls of our room and hoping for the world to recover as quickly as possible. It’s understandable then, that adapting to this new lifestyle has been strange, and often very isolating. With reduced face-to-face interaction, our sense of community and belonging has felt strained. 

We want to change this, and what better way to do that than through food!

Launching today, our #ShareYourMeal long-term campaign aims to foster a greater sense of togetherness and joy, and all for a good cause!

We want to know your favourite recipes!

The more cost-savvy the better! What are your favourite meals that you dream about eating? What fulfils all your cravings once made? What are your favourite healthy snacks or the meals that take 10 minutes to prepare and cook?

Share your recipes with #ShareYourMeal and tag us in on twitter, facebook and instagram – bonus points if you take photos too!  

We’ll share our favourites on our website* – with credit to you of course. Have a dish that you always talk about, but lots of people haven’t tried? A meal that is a staple of your culture, a seasonal dish or a tasty treat from a religious festival that you wish to share with others? Now is the time to share it! 

*You may also send in your recipes via email:

#ShareYourMeal – Match the cost of your ingredients in donations.

Food brings people from all walks of life together: the different spices, the decoration & presentation, the skill of cooking itself; for many, recipes are handed down to younger generations, becoming family tradition and part of a broader cultural legacy. 

Yet at a fundamental level, food is also necessary for survival. The human body requires adequate and proper nutrition to support our very existence, and even more so when in hospital. Without it, a sick person remains ill for longer, sapped of their strength as their body desperately works overtime to help them recover, rendering them unable to return to work or education. 

However, for the poorest communities, this vital sustenance is unaffordable, and their families are often unable to bring them food. 

Did you know that across the world, around 45% of deaths among children under 5 years are linked to malnutrition? Or that globally, and 462 million adults are underweight (WHO, 2020)?

Right now, there are vulnerable and hungry people in hospitals and in maternity clinics, unable to afford a basic meal to support their recovery, yet it only costs £15 to provide a week of meals for a vulnerable person in hospital or a mother that has just given birth in a clinic.

Every penny makes a difference, so why not match the cost of your meal in donations? Share your favourite recipes, and contribute to a good cause! 

Encourage your friends and family to get involved too by donating the cost of your meal or sharing a recipe of their own!

#ShareYourMeal today / More about our work

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