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Pakistan: Food & Warmth for the Broghil Valley Communities

01/12/2023 4:48pm

Currently, Pakistan is still reeling from the impact of devastating floods which swept across the country over the summer months, displacing millions and killing over one thousand people, including almost 400 children. Right now, Doctors Worldwide are coordinating and working with local partners to undertake the most effective, targeted and needs-based response to the floods. Below, we share an insight into one such project activity, providing food and warmth to residents of a hard-to-reach location in the Chitral District of Pakistan.

Broghil Valley National Park is located in the upper northern area of the Chitral District, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, at an altitude of 10,000 feet and situated very close to the Afghan border. As a result of the recent rains and devastating floods which have overwhelmed the country since the summer months, the residents in Broghil Valley are struggling to survive. Houses have been damaged, their wheat crop has been destroyed, and even the grass that community members store to burn for warmth are no longer available. With no regular road to reach this valley, it is extremely difficult to access, meaning residents have so far received very little aid due to the distance and expense involved in reaching this area in the first place. Now, snowfall season has started in Broghil, with winter temperature records of -20 degrees at night. 

If the residents do not receive adequate nutrition to sustain themselves and their children and warm clothes and blankets to protect themselves from the cold, the consequences could be catastrophic.

pakistan emergency flood response: broghil valleypakistan emergency flood response: broghil valley

In response to this crisis, which was further exacerbated by the impact of the ongoing floods in Pakistan, we coordinated a trip to Broghil Valley as part of our current emergency response. A stock of 400 high quality warm blankets were sourced from Karachi, as well as 5.5 tons of food, including flour, rice, sugar, tea and cooking oil bought at the closest town.

After 20 hours of driving, our team reached Broghil, and distributed food and blankets to 70 families living in Upper Broghil across a number of small villages a few kilometres away from each other. 

pakistan emergency flood response: broghil valley


  • 3 jeeps hired
  • 20 hours of travelling
  • 400 blankets distributed 
  • 5.5 tonnes of rations, including flour, rice, sugar, tea and cooking oil brought
  • 70 families supported (approx 300+ people)
  • 75kg rations per family
  • 5 blankets per family

Whilst this undertaking was a success, with your donations providing a life-changing and life-saving impact to those in need in a remote area of Pakistan, many communities across the country are facing similar struggles. Severe winter months are fast approaching, and soon, thousands of families whose houses were destroyed and lives displaced due to the floods will face even greater hardship as they fight to keep themselves warm and safe against the bitter cold.

You can change this.

At Doctors Worldwide, 100% of your donation goes directly to project costs, and with a focus on low cost, high impact solutions, every penny counts. 

Find out more about our Pakistan Project and Emergency Flood Response, and donate today.

pakistan emergency flood response: broghil valley

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