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Meet The Medical Faculty (Part. 2) – DICE Deployment

12/11/2020 12:00pm

The ‘Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Health Emergencies’ (The DICE programme) is a 9-month programme running between April and December 2020 with the aim of introducing emergency care within the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Last week, we heard from the four members of our selected DICE Medical Faculty on their reasons for applying to work on this project. (If you missed this, be sure to read the first part here). Today, we hear a little more about what they hoped to achieve whilst working in Cox’s Bazar.

“Over the next three months, I think the key outcome is that the doctors know they are not alone. That people are here to guide and support them and act as mentors. They know much more than I do about the problems and solutions that they have locally, but I can offer a listening ear and some practical suggestions around systems strengthening. If we can embed processes for reflection, self-critique and quality improvement, we can help show the impact of their actions which will build self-esteem as well as improve services. And it will snowball as that learning cascades out into their clinics to the whole multidisciplinary team.”

– Primary Care & Medical Education Specialist, Prof. Kay Mohanna.

“We understand the pandemic has required the project to be modified and are keen to maximise the impact of the project in the short time we have in Bangladesh. Once safely on-site, we are looking forward to delivering the face to face elements of the DICE programme assigned to us. Andrene [our OB-GYN specialist] was pleased that while DICE is an emergency medicine programme, DWW was willing to use her skills to address maternity healthcare training needs as well. ”

– Emergency Medicine Specialist, Dr James Hayton & Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist, Dr Andrene Hamilton.

“In this deployment I am expecting to achieve experience, knowledge and complete this mission with a positive and prosperous impact towards health and wellbeing. I am expecting to return grateful and full of hope.”

– Emergency Medicine Nurse, Susana Gil. 

The DICE programme will be running until mid-December 2020. We aim to continue the development of emergency care across several more health clinics within the Rohingya camps and host communities in 2021 focusing on emergency unit development and capacity building of doctors, nurses and medical assistants.  

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