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Improving Leadership and Governance in Malawi Health Clinics

08/30/2022 11:14am

On the 14th May 2022, Doctors Worldwide held a Leadership & Governance Conference in Malawi in collaboration with our local partner as part of the DWW Health System Strengthening Programme. The conference aimed to support the strengthening of collaborative relationships between DWW’s partner organisation and its members who run health clinics across Malawi for the most vulnerable communities, as well as highlighting the services and benefits of the partnership and providing clarity for all members and trustees to understand their own role and commitments needed to facilitate quality care and collective growth. In addition, DWW’s partner organisation launched their new five year strategy, website and branding at the conference, and shared key information about the organisation for non-members to understand and engage with. 

Health System Strengthening: Knowledge Sharing 

During the conference, a series of workshops were held on a variety of topics including:

Running an effective team in a healthcare facility: Members of the Board of Trustees/Directors and other key figures contributed to these workshops, sharing information and experiences on the importance of the different roles and responsibilities required to ensure the effective running of health clinics. 

Leadership, governance and change management: Some common challenges within facilities in Malawi often relate to issues of HR, governance, staff motivation and placement of appropriate staff within each facility. In response, specific discussions and presentations on these topics were held for attendees. 

Doctors Worldwide Leadership & Governance Conference Malawi

Overall, 79 people attended the conference including partner organisation members, potential future members, the Board of Trustees, the organisation’s Secretariat, Ministry of Health Officials and other local partners and affiliates. Local and national media representatives were also present, with publications shared across different platforms, including Facebook, radio, TV and newspapers.

The conference was a success, with many collaborative relationships being built, attendees gaining more clarity on reaching the expected standards for a healthcare facility in order to establish a Service Level Agreement with the Ministry of Health.


  • 7 network members represented 
  • 18 partner and affiliate organisations attending
  • 5 training workshops held on: team working, Service Level Agreement (SLA) benefits, good governance, change management, health facilities management 
  • 3 Ministry of Health representatives attended
  • 17 agencies represented 
  • 18 doctors/clinical officers in attendance 

Moreover, in the post-conference evaluation, most attendees noted how beneficial they found the event.

Doctors Worldwide Leadership & Governance Conference in Malawi

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