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Türkiye Earthquake Emergency: Situation & Support

02/09/2023 4:35pm

Since the devastating earthquakes on Monday 6th February 2023, Doctors Worldwide’s team in Türkiye mobilised immediately and arrived at the epicentre on the same day to provide emergency relief and medical aid. Our teams are currently in Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Gaziantep, Mersin and Adıyaman, providing much needed hygiene kits for families living out in the streets, as well as food, water and medication. 

We have deployed several Turkish medical teams to provide urgent and ongoing medical aid, which include internists, paediatricians, nurses, pharmacists, orthopaedic specialists, neurosurgeons and general surgeons. Two tents, medical equipment, a mobile vehicle to ensure delivery of medical/primary care in hard hit cities like Kahramanmaras, and a large truck of further supplies have also been provided [as of Tuesday 8th February]. In addition, mobile clinics and rotas are currently being established amongst our 20,000+ strong group of Turkish medical volunteers. Assessments are also now ongoing to determine immediate medical needs,  as well as mid to long term recovery plans. 

Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team earthquake emergency

Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team members living in a van for the last three days: the safest place to be right now. 

Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team earthquake emergency

Demolished apartments, shops, offices, schools and hospitals.

Day By Day Account: Support in Detail

In response to the earthquake emergency in Türkiye, we continue to work in 4 different provinces, including Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Hatay and Adıyaman, as well as delivering medication and basic materials to all regions. Within the direct earthquake zone, a total of 7 teams are supporting in response delivery. 


On the first day, a health tent was set up in the region, which will provide health services via our Turkish volunteer medical teams. For those who cannot reach the tent, mobile clinics teams were also formed to reach them. Our team, which includes internists, general surgeons, paediatricians, nurses and pharmacists, consists of 8 people. Our volunteer team and delivery vehicle has departed for basic material support. Medical care will also be provided by Doctors Worldwide at the large camp set up by AFAD (The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) at the stadium in Kahramanmaras.


In order to meet the health needs in the region, a support truck with a team of 13 people (including 7 health workers), will provide primary healthcare in the earthquake area, whilst the rest of the team distributes basic supplies in remote areas. A second team will set up a health tent in the region and provide health services. 


In line with the field analysis, a team of 5 Turkish orthopaedic specialists, neurosurgeons and general surgeons will be transferred to the region to begin health services.


Basic necessities have started to be delivered to those affected by the earthquakes, whilst health services will be provided by our volunteer health teams at points in need in the region. Regional preparations for the service continue.

Despite harsh snow storms and freezing cold weather along with broken roads and traffic jams continuing to hamper search and rescue efforts, Doctors Worldwide have been active from day one, assisting as many people as we possibly can.

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Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team earthquake emergency

Doctors Worldwide medical clinics set up at the AFAD (The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) camp in Kahramanmaras.

Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team earthquake emergency

The Doctors Worldwide Türkiye team members on their way to distribute hygiene kids in Kahramanmaras. We are also in Hatay, Gaziantep, Mersin and Adiyaman. 

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