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DWW KPK Hospital Trust – Training Session

10/11/2020 12:00pm

Doctors Worldwide, a long term supporter of KPK Hospital Trust in Pakistan, aimed to increase its presence and activities in the area and to promote sustainable programming. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we identified a need to support their staff in general COVID-19 preparedness, IPC training, triage improvement, and strengthening clinical management to encourage safe clinical and hygiene practices for their staff and patients. Previously, we have conducted other training sessions with KPK staff, such as on our COVID-19 checklists

Utilising our in-house medical experts with extensive experience in clinical practice and education, we therefore recently ran a 1-day training session on ‘Process Mapping’ for KPK Hospital staff, focusing on patient flow and COVID-19 specific challenges.

Discussing the training session, Georgia Venner (DWW Project Manager) said:

“We had an excellent session with the KPK staff and DWW team, the exercise exposed areas of improvement for triaging patients suspected of COVID-19. Our trainers provided comprehensive feedback and the KPK staff were incredibly engaged over our remote call. Great to see this is doable in the midst of a pandemic”.

The workshop aimed to improve and strengthen KPK Hospital’s clinical triage and patient flow activities with a focus on suspected/confirmed COVID-19 patients. Doctors Worldwide worked with the KPK staff to identify any challenges or areas of improvement at the hospital, as a step towards positive development and change for both patients and staff. This was achieved by carrying out a remote walk-through of the ‘patient journey’ and existing procedures for both suspected and no-suspected COVID-19 patients, including referrals. 

During this 1-day session, 4 key members of the hospital staff were trained, including a doctor, hospital manager, midwife and pharmacist. Reflecting on the session afterwards, a Medical Officer at the KPK hospital who participated in the session, said the training was particularly helpful in allowing the staff members to recognise any deficiencies and areas of improvement in their hospital’s systems, so they could then take steps towards implementing the necessary changes discussed in the training.

“The opportunity to participate in COVID-19 preparedness training with KPK was a particularly beneficial experience. We are able to cover important areas of infection control, and discuss practical measures to keep both patients and staff safe. I felt the process mapping exercise, where key members of the KPK team mapped out the process of patient assessment and management at the hospital, was particularly beneficial. This activity enabled us all to collectively look at the current system in place, identify areas for improvement, and then make a plan on how the improvements could be made. I hope these activities will lead to better patient care and better outcomes. I also hope that the learning can be transferred to other areas of care to promote further development”. 

–Dr Mizan Hoque. DWW Content Developer, GP and Lecturer in Health Improvement.


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