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DICE Programme / Official Conclusion

12/18/2020 12:00pm

This week marked the official conclusion of our 9 month long ‘Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Health Emergencies’ (DICE) programme, in partnership with IOM Bangladesh. The programme aimed to bridge the gap between primary care and secondary care by providing hands-on clinical supervision training for 60 Bangladeshi doctors, nurses and medical assistants who regularly managed acute or life-threatening conditions within 24/7 primary care facilities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. In total, 211,940 patient consultations were positively impacted as a result of DICE training, from April – December 2020.

Doctor Nur E Tazalli Nishu presenting a quality improvement project on cervical dilatation assessment.

“We have witnessed first-hand how inadequate emergency care can lead to preventable death in the Rohingya camps and host communities. The DICE programme was established to improve the quality of emergency care with a focus on primary care, which is the bedrock of timely and critical intervention at the emergency care level.” – Monowara Gani, DWW CEO.

Friday was the final session – a ‘Science Day’ – held for DICE participants. 13 quality improvement projects were developed and presented by our participant doctors, nurses and medical assistants who will soon be implementing them all within their clinics, with some already underway. Examples include designing a new triage and flow to reduce patient waiting times to improve emergency care, improving patient privacy and dignity, safe deliveries for mothers and babies, designing protocols and more. Overall a wonderful end to 2020 and a massive well done to everyone involved, especially our DICE participants! 

Keep an eye out for our end of project impact report publishing in January 2021 concluding the activities of DICE 2020.


Read more about the DICE Programme / Read: IOM DICE Press Release.

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