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Cost of Living, Cost of Life: Nutrition & Climate Change

07/14/2022 11:00am

Right now, as prices rise, how much does it cost to save a life? 

At Doctors Worldwide, much of our current work supports communities in need to tackle health challenges exacerbated by our climate crisis. Emergency resources such as malaria tablets at low stock in rural clinics, food and milk for under-nourished children and individuals, and rehydration drink sachets for diarrhoea are all provided to the most vulnerable individuals we support, via our Life Saving Fund, holistic Palliative Care programme, Pakistan Project and Nutrition programmes. 

Soniya’s Story 

Across the globe, 5 year old Soniya has been hungry for over a year. This reality is a constant, something that seems like an eternal way of life. Her mother Neza, a single parent of four children, earns roughly 0.5p a day from hard labour and farming. This is the equivalent of 30p in a whole month, which does not scratch the surface of her £12 monthly rent.  With virtually zero money for food and the daily threat of becoming homeless with four young and starving children, the men around Neza prey on her vulnerability, leaving her no choice but to sell her body for food or money. If nothing is done to help Neza, her children are also at risk of sexual abuse, including little Soniya, whose life hangs in the balance without access to nutrition. For her, going to sleep hungry is normal, and each day that passes means another day she struggles to survive. 

Situations like this are common, but they can also be changed. You can change them. You can make the difference. Soniya’s life is now in a much more stable place, receiving regular nutrition and monthly food packs for her and her whole family. So, how did this happen?

How You’ve Helped: Rwanda Nutrition Project

In Rwanda, we are working with one of the main clinics in Kigali to provide one litre of milk per person every day to all the babies, children and adults that are clinically diagnosed with malnutrition. In addition, our local partner and team assesses each patient and their situation to develop a tailored package of care that consists of a monthly food pack for the whole family, who are often the silent/unknown patients also suffering from chronic hunger. This also includes providing patients or key members of their family with the means to access vocational courses for as little as £15 (one year course fees). 

Your donations to this project meant that not only does 5 year old little Soniya now have access to lifesaving treatment and nutrition such as milk, but we also provide her mother and siblings with a monthly food pack so that hunger is one less cause that leaves them vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. 

In Rwanda, little Soniya’s life was saved by just £1 a day - receiving regular milk meant she moved from the ‘red/danger’ category to the ‘green/good health’ category in only 4 weeks, after a whole year of suffering. Additionally, with your support, 176+ destitute people suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition are already receiving  access to food and nutrition every month. Together, we can serve hundreds more people in need, even with just £1 a day.

£40 provides one month of food for a destitute family of up to 3 people >

£55 provides one month of food for a destitute family of up to 6 people > 

£1 a day / £30 monthly provides 1 litre of life-saving milk for a severely malnourished baby > 

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Save a Life. Change a Life. 

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