Doctors Worldwide

Become A Corporate Sponsor

Whether it’s going towards training doctors in humanitarian medicine, providing vital vaccinations and medicine, ambulances, or helping staff a newly renovated primary healthcare facility, even a small donation from your company can change the lives of a community across the globe, whilst building your business’s reputation and providing an excellent opportunity to develop your staff’s skills and team work.

If you choose Doctors Worldwide as your chosen charity of the year, we will work alongside you to develop a calendar of events and opportunities for your staff to get involved and raise awareness of international humanitarian healthcare.
We will help develop your staff skills through fundraising and awareness activities, increasing their skills through team-building and imbuing them with passion for a worthwhile cause. This will also give your business the opportunity to be recognised by an international audience of medical professionals and gain positive association with a globally recognised medical charity.

Give customers a way to Donate

There are many ways of encouraging customers to donate other than having charity pots at your business locations. Having the option to add £1 (enough to provide healthcare for two people) could be added onto every purchase, or even donating your plastic bag charge to Doctors Worldwide can make an infinite difference in the lives of communities in need across the world. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you provide ways for your customers to donate.

Payroll Giving

There are millions of people across the world whose lives would be changed forever if you were to choose Doctors Worldwide as your payroll giving charity. £1, which is enough to save the lives of 2 people, only costs 80p when donated through payroll giving service.
Also known as workplace giving, ‘give as you earn’ is a valuable option to provide your employees, as it allows them to donate on a tax free basis straight out of their pay, and benefits Doctors Worldwide by giving us a regular source of income that we can use to plan for the future.

You can read more about payroll giving here.

Support a Campaign

At Doctors Worldwide, we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities to best tailor your needs. Supporting a campaign will give your customers an emotional commitment to your brand, and will show the world that you care about changing lives through better healthcare on a global scale.

We will work closely with you and help you organise your support, from assisting with your arranging of events to helping you plan your national campaign.

Employee Involvement

There are countless ways you can get your staff involved in fundraising for Doctors Worldwide. A company willing to host such opportunities for staff members is not only a great way of raising your profile as a giving, responsible business, but a fantastic experience to raise your staff’s morale and build their teamwork skills.

These events can be anything from an office baking competition all the way to a sponsored skydive – it’s up to you how you want to get your staff involved in fundraising opportunities, and Doctors Worldwide will provide you with every bit of support you need to get the event underway.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Take on a Challenge – Sign your team up for an event like running or skydiving, and raise some great PR for your business.
  • Company bake-off – Host a baking competition where people are sponsored to make cakes. You could even sell off the surplus for some extra funds!
  • Hold a quiz – Test your workers knowledge with a sponsored online quiz.