Want to make a difference? Interested in sharing your health expertise? We welcome interest from potential volunteers. We offer short-term placements from 3 weeks and medium term placements lasting up 12 months. These are open to anyone who has a professional health background – you do not have to be a doctor to apply!

Our placements provide an opportunity to make concentrated and high impact contributions in the areas we work in. Some of our roles are “needs assessment and appraisal” led, other roles are purely clinical based in either primary care or hospital based settings. From time to time, we also have opportunities to work and support in health management and strategic projects.


We are currently offering volunteer opportunities in 2015-16 for healthcare professionals at our projects. We welcome applications from all grades and specialities of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists – particularly those with eyehealth, general medicine/physician, pediatrics, obs & gyne, general surgery and midwifery backgrounds.

We are also very interested to hear from healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, counsellors and specialists involved in the care of children with multiple disabilities or who have suffered physical/mental trauma.

Potential volunteers with non-healthcare backgrounds are also welcome! We consider these applications on a case by case basis.

We currently have opportunities in the following countries:

– Kenya

– Tanzania

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