Qurbani Meat Program 2014

September 17, 2014

1 – Purchasing your Qurbani online.

You can purchase multiple shares but only for ONE country at a time.

For example:

– 7 shares for Kenya: click the Kenya button and select 7 in the quantity section.

– 1 share for Kenya and 2+ shares for Pakistan: These will have to be done as two seperate transactions – 1 share for kenya and 2 for Pakistan.

– 1 share for Kenya and 1 for Pakistan: Click the “both” button and select 1 in the quantity section.

2 – What is Qurbani and why is it done?

Qurbani is a religious practice performed at the time of Eid al-Adha involving the sacrifice of an animal. The event commemorates the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (also known as Abraham) made to Allah (SWT) to show his devotion and commitment to Him. For DWW it is an opportunity to provide meat to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

3- What animals are used in Qurbani? 

The animals for the Qurbani 2014 Appeal are Cows. Great care is taken in the slaughter and meat preparation process. Animals are required to be treated with dignity and love.

4 – Where will the Qurbanis be given? 

In Kenya: at our one of our Primary Healthcare Sites, near Malindi. The centre is located in a rural area and with a substantial population of poor including widows, single parents and the elderly.

In Pakistan: The poor in villages near our maternity centre, DWW Junejo will benefit from the Qurbani distribution

5  – Why the price difference between Pakistan & Kenya and how much meat will my purchase produce?

Costs and the size of animals varies in each country.

For each share purchased the average net meat distributed is around 9kg-10kg in Kenya. In Pakistan, the animals are much bigger and your purchase will produce an estimated 25kg per share – this is substantially more meat than a Kenya purchase.

6 – How many shares are in each animal?

Each animal is divided in to 7 shares and you can purchase as many shares as you want.

7 – Can I donate shares on behalf of my family members and friends?

Yes,  you can donate shares on behalf of others. There is an opportunity to include their names during the donation process. Please use the comments/reference box  in the checkout section to advise us of each persons name.

8- Can I donate a share in memory of someone?

Yes, you can donate a share in memory of a loved one. Please use the comments/reference box in the checkout section to advise us of the name of the person you would like to donate in memory of.

9 – What is the rice element of the Qurbani Appeal?

As a holistic approach, Doctors Worldwide is distributing rice as part of our Qurbani Appeal. The benefit of this is that beneficiaries will also have rice to eat with the meat that you have donated.

10 – How will I know my Qurbani has been carried out and distributed?

Doctors Worldwide has a unique tracking system in place. Our qurbani animals are tracked using special code numbers. We do not subcontract to third party organisations and the work is done is in areas where many beneficiaries are known to us. We will then be able to feedback to you with GPS coordinates and Google maps the exact location of your Qurbani and hopefully a picture. This feature enables you to see where your Qurbani has taken place.

11 – Will I get feedback about my Qurbani donation?

Doctors Worldwide strongly believe in feeding back to our supporters. With our unique tracking system, we can provide detailed feedback, photos and location of your Qurbani donation.