Saving babies lives in Pakistan.

Nearly 1 in 3 babies die on their first and only day of life. Almost TWO thirds of all new born deaths occur in 10 countries – Pakistan is ranked 2nd highest.

We’ve been implementing our maternal health program in Northern Sind, Pakistan since 2011. The final phase of this work was establishing a dedicated maternity centre in the area.

Our medical facility DWW Junejo, on the outskirts of Shahdadkhot City in Northern Sind, is an important local presence for mothers to come and give birth safely. We also support community-focused programs delivering maternal and child health education and training.  In the last two years, we have safely delivered 1,200 babies. Not a single baby died.

It’s a simple, low cost, high impact legacy for us and our donors whilst preventing and reducing the chances of a baby or mother dying during birth.

We couldn’t have managed it without your support. Thanks.

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