HealthCare for the Poor – DWW Mualafatul Kulub, Malindi

June 29, 2014

In early 2014, we came across an amazing community based local organisation called Mualafatul Kulub (“MK”). MK is in a village called Kakuyuni which is 13km from Malindi, the 2nd largest city on the East Coast of Kenya and a major tourist destination.

MK is now a Primary healthcare site for us and we currently provide medical services which we hope to expand once our new health centre has been built later in 2014.  We also look after the health and nutrition needs of 200 children at the site as part of our HappyKIDS Program which looks after Orphans, Vulnerable & Disabled Children.

With the brilliant vision of the committee and it’s chairman, the organisation has rapidly developed over the last year to build a school, fishponds and small flour mill. The site hosts¬† schoolchildren at primary level and provides a supplementary school. It’s a great example of community empowerment and self help. The project is surrounded by a number of villages and assists around 2,000 people.