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Rohingya Refugee Crisis – February Update

Human resources are an essential component of every healthcare system in the world. The World Health Organisation states that ‘Developing capable, motivated and supported health workers is essential for overcoming bottlenecks to achieve national and global health goals.’1 Over eighteen years of delivering humanitarian projects across Europe, Asia and Africa, we have witnessed the impact of a lack

Ebola Partnership Project: Sierra Leone

Ebola: Doctors Worldwide UK and King’s College partner on Ebola to support the response in Sierra Leone. Doctors Worldwide is please to announce it’s work with King’s College Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP). KSLP is an academic Centre within King’s College, London and has been working at the main Connaught Government Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone well before the outbreak earlier

Doctors Worldwide launches Gaza medical aid appeal

We are raising funds to provide desperate Gazan’s who can no longer access medications and baby feeds for long term medical conditions. War and conflict doesn’t just cause visible injuries. There are tens of thousands of Gazan’s with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions that need regular medication;  infants and babies need special feeds and nutrition. 

Kheshgi Refugee Camp

The Kheshgi Refugee Camp in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province is home to just under 2,000 Afghan refugees. Many of the elders in the camp have been living in Pakistan as refugees for the past 30 years displaced by war and conflict in Afghanistan. Eight years ago 10,000 Afghans lived here but over time the majority returned back to their homes

Dr. Tarin – The Only Female Doctor in Nowshera, Pakistan

Dr Hasiba Tarin is the reason why so many women travel from miles to attend the clinic as she is the only female doctor in the district of Nowshera and takes care of the health of thousands of women. She says the women prefer to see her as they feel at ease discussing their medical problems with a woman. Sitting