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Save a baby – give the gift of Life this festive season.

December 14, 2015

Doctors Worldwide Christmas Appeal.

The birth of a child should be a time of celebration and happiness. But for thousands of mothers and babies in Kenya it is an extremely dangerous and risky time. Lack of staff, equipment and facilities mean that the risks of death and complications to mother and baby are high.

In the last few months our maternal health program at DWW Tembo has safely delivered 38 babies and carried out 245 antenatal sessions. However, we lack the equipment and resources to deal with births where something might go wrong and end up in an emergency obstetric situation. For a mother facing a difficult birth, it’s upto a 2 hour bumpy drive on a dirt road to the nearest emergency facility.

No baby should be born to die on its first and only day of birth. So this Christmas, please help us to raise funds to buy life saving emergency equipment and equip our facility so we can support the mothers of Muhuru Bay to give birth safely.

“So far we have been incredibly lucky and all deliveries have resulted in healthy babies and healthy mums, but it is inevitable this won’t always be the case. Please donate so we can buy the necessary equipment needed to help the mothers of Muhuru Bay give birth safely.”  – Anna Kolodziej, DWW Tembo manager.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small can make this happen!

Help us to save lives this Christmas – GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE!

Visit Anna’s justgiving page here