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Ramadan 2016 Campaign

June 11, 2016

Millions of the poor have little or no access to healthcare. Being sick keeps them in poverty and preventable illnesses kill millions of children each year. Without good health, other interventions to help alleviate poverty simply struggle to work. We’re doing something about it. With your donations of Zakat and Sadaqa we have made a difference to thousands of the poor and orphans. With your support we are able to provide essential health and medical services to communities in Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania.

100% of Zakat donations are spent on project work and healthservice provision.

In 2015-16, your Ramadan donations:

  • → helped us run our maternity centre in Sind, DWW Junejo which delivered 693 babies safely and treated over 8,000 women and children.
  • → Provide life changing healthcare and therapy to 67 disabled children and free healthcare to nearly 900 orphans in Kenya.
  • → Run primary healthcare centres in Kenya that provide essential healthcare to some 60,000 people in rural villages.
  • →Helped us provide 44,415 patient consulations.

Our work is low cost high impact. This Ramadan your zakat and sadaqa makes you part of the change that we’re trying to make to people’s lives. Your support makes a difference. Please give effectively this Ramadan.