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Horn of Africa and Muslim Qurbani Festival

October 27, 2011

We are able to continue accepting web only payments through to 9am, Saturday, 5 November.

Doctors Worldwide are taking benefit of the forthcoming Qurbani festival which is part of the celebration of the Islamic Hajj, to try and ensure that as many individuals as possible will have access to meat protein in their diet. Many regions in the Horn of Africa participate in the annual Qurbani festival, and we are offering our friends and supporters to take part in this activity also.

With this year’s famine taking its toll, providing meat to many families is an important supplement to meager daily diets.

DWW are planning to offer Qurbanis in Kenya. The cost of each animal/share is £30.

Purchasing a Qurbani

Please use the comments/payment reference field when completing your payment to advise us of the names for each Qurbani. We will issue you with a “tracking number” via email after Qurbani has taken place. As part of our strategic plan to increase transparency to donors, we hope to use the tracking number to feedback to you about the circumstances and location of your particular Qurbani.



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