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Doctors Worldwide Maternal Health Campaign

July 25, 2012

800 women die everyday during pregnancy and childbirth because there is no one to make sure they receive the right care.  We can change that with your help.

Together, we can be there to help provide appropriate health care for mothers so that pregnancy and childbirth is no longer a death sentence.

Support our Maternal Health Campaign and help save precious lives.

Doctors Worldwide has already been working on maternal health issues and making a difference to the lives of mothers and their children. We have been implementing innovative and low cost solutions in countries such as Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Join us and help improve maternal health around the world by donating to our work.

– £10 buys a clean birthing kit and nutritional supplements

– £30 provides a full care package including antenatal, postnatal and delivery support for a mother.

– £50 can provide training for a local midwife or TBA

– £100 provides a week’s supplies and medications for one of our rural health clinics