August 19th, 2016 by husne

Doctors Worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of it’s 2016 Qurbani Meat Program.

We are pleased to announce our Qurbani 2016 Program for distributing much needed meat during the Muslim festival of Eid ul Adha. Now in it’s 5th year, we are offering a limited opportunity to purchase your Qurbani share and help the poor who live in the vicinity of our DWW Mualafatul Qulub Medical Centre, near Malindi in Kenya. Our presence in these areas give us a deep understanding of who best to help.

As a result of the Brexit referendum, many UK international charities have been affected by adverse  currency movements. To maintain affordability we have made some changes to our program to keep costs low. This means we are no longer offering the additional nutritional element of 3kg of rice per qurbani share.

– Each share will cost £45. 

Our 2015 program was a success with support from donors enabling us to distribute 3,600kg of fresh meat and 1,500 kg of high quality rice. We weigh each animal and the average amount of fresh meat per share was 14.29kg. This benefited nearly 9,000 adults and children who were identified as widows, orphans, the elderly and needy.

Doctors Worldwide is appealing to our friends and supporters to purchase their Qurbani and help those in need. We source all the animals locally to contribute to the region’s economy and support local farmers. The meat is distributed fresh during the days of Eid ul Adha.

Poverty is a daily part of the lives of the people we help. For many of them, this festival is the only opportunity to eat meat in the year. Your Qurbani purchase will enable them join you in the celebration of Eid ul Adha and boost their health.

July 30th, 2016 by khalil

A Short Video about our projects in 2015-16. Click Here







July 8th, 2016 by khalil

11,800 iftar meals served among DWW’s neighbours in Kenya


At DWW Mualafatul Kulub (MK) in Kenya, many of our neighbours in the village were fasting in Ramadan.  Many of them live on less than $1 per day.

With generous support from our donors we provided nearly 12,000 iftar meals to many vulnerable people who suffer from food poverty and who live near our health centre in Kenya.


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June 18th, 2016 by khalil


There are millions of disabled people in developing countries. The World Health Organisation estimates some 5% of Kenya’s population is disabled. Many of these are children whose life chances are restricted in every field.  Often discriminated against, disabled children are abused, neglected and suffer not just from poor health but compassion and lack of understanding in the communities they live in.  At Doctors Worldwide, we provide training for care workers and parents and much needed healthcare services to this vulnerable group.


HappyKIDS – Disabled Children’s Healthcare & Support Project

Disabled children in Kenya and in other developing countries suffer greatly. Lack of resources, training and poverty leave many disabled children and their carers in great difficulty. Many children suffer long term chronic conditions with multiple disabilities.

At Doctors Worldwide we started a project supporting disabled children as part of our HappyKids Program. Our work is based in Mombasa and the Coast province of Kenya with plans to roll out into other countries where we operate. In collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Kenya, our joint staff  support a total of 66 disabled children of all ages including 10 families in rural areas.

We provide rehabilitative therapies and free healthcare to the children. Educational support and learning is undertaken by Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

With your support you can help these disabled children stay healthy and fulfil their potential.


June 8th, 2016 by khalil

Our Ramadan Feeding Program has started. Just 50p provides a meal. That’s £15 to feed a person for the whole of Ramadan.

The program will provide a nutritious meal to locals living around the catchment of DWW Muallafa medical centre near Malindi, Kenya.

In 2015, we provided 33,565 meals to the poor, elderly and especially women. Each evening, people gather around our clinic site and are served a hot meal to break their fast. It is also gives us an opportunity to communicate basic public health messages and strengthen links with the communities we serve.

Be quick to donate! Once we have reached our target we won’t be able to accept further donations.




June 29th, 2014 by khalil

DWW Tembo is located in Muhuru Bay, Migori County, Western Kenya. The 13 room medical centre, open 24 hours a day, became operational in September 2014 and has already seen over 10,000 new patients: a third of the local population. We even see patients who have walked all the way from neighboring Tanzania.
On the shores of Lake Victoria, Muhuru is one of Kenya’s poorest areas with most of the population living on less than $1 a day. The province has the worst HIV rate in Kenya as well as a very high incidence of diseases such as malaria and typhoid. Unsurprisingly, therefore, many cases are severe and require repeat visits.
Already a very successful Primary Health Care for the Poor project, DWW Tembo has recently moved into its second stage of development. It is now a Maternal, New born and Child Health Centre. Babies who previously may have been born at home can now be delivered in a safe, sterile environment by trained practitioners. Education is a key focus with weekly antenatal classes for expectant mothers.




June 29th, 2014 by khalil

In early 2014, we came across an amazing community based local organisation called Mualafatul Kulub (“MK”). MK is in a village called Kakuyuni which is 13km from Malindi, the 2nd largest city on the East Coast of Kenya and a major tourist destination.

MK is now a Primary healthcare site for us and we currently provide medical services which we hope to expand once our new health centre has been built later in 2014.  We also look after the health and nutrition needs of 200 children at the site as part of our HappyKIDS Program which looks after Orphans, Vulnerable & Disabled Children.

With the brilliant vision of the committee and it’s chairman, the organisation has rapidly developed over the last year to build a school, fishponds and small flour mill. The site hosts  schoolchildren at primary level and provides a supplementary school. It’s a great example of community empowerment and self help. The project is surrounded by a number of villages and assists around 2,000 people.



February 21st, 2014 by khalil

Part of our Healthcare for the Poor Program, the Khadija Centre clinic was our first rural clinic in Kenya. Located in Kilifi County near Mombasa, the health centre provides basic Primary healthcare provision to local villagers particularly mothers and children.

Staffed by a dedicated community nursing team, the center on average sees 350-400 patients a month.


July 14th, 2013 by husne


We are used to seeing images of starving children because of an almost complete lack of food but for millions of children there’s “hidden hunger” – known as undernutrition and is just as deadly. At Doctors Worldwide, we provide training for childcare workers on nutrition and give high quality nutritious food and healthcare to disabled and vulnerable children including orphans. We are providing much needed healthcare services to these vulnerable groups.


HappyKIDS – Orphans, Vulnerable and Disabled Children’s Healthcare & Undernutrition Program

As an organisation we like to look at issues which often appear invisible and get overlooked. In our work with children we identified childcare institutions doing good in the areas of education and shelter but found significant gaps in their ability to look after children’s health. Many of these institutions struggle to afford to pay medical fees, staff lack training to spot early health problems and most importantly for a child’s physical and mental development, we found a serious lack of a balanced diet and food.

Institutions, many funded by well wishers and “adopt an orphan” charities end up providing food to children that is lacking in nutrients and protein and are often high in carbohydrates – usually because it’s cheap.

Many of these children may look normal but their brain development and immune systems are not. Approximately 40% of children under 5 in Africa and South Asia are short for their age, suffering from stunted height. Poor nutrition affects a child’s hardwiring and functioning such as the immune system and brain development which are  particularly vulnerable. In later life, children become easily susceptible to infections and do badly at school. Recent estimates (the Lancet) show that undernutrition causes 3.1 million child deaths annually.

At Doctors Worldwide, our program, based in Kenya is focused on tackling this challenge. We provide high quality nutrition, micronutrients, balanced meals and healthcare to children. Supplemented by training childcare staff at institutions and educating children on the basics of food and primary healthcare, we aim to leave a long term and sustainable legacy.

We currently support 9 orphanages and 2 primary school sites. That’s 892 children.

With your support you can help young children develop physically and mentally and stay healthy.