HappyKIDS Program – Orphan’s Healthcare

Orphans are the poorest of the poor. In Sub-Saharan Africa many of these are children have lost parents because of of AIDS/HIV or ill health. Many are abandoned as a result of poverty and abuse. Lots of them end up in institutionalised orphanages. Some of these are unscrupulous set ups trying to secure money and aid; others lack the care and counselling skills to support traumatised children. Many orphanages have a poor understanding of child health or lack funding to take sick children to a doctor.   At Doctors Worldwide, we provide support care workers  and provide much needed healthcare services to this vulnerable group.

HappyKIDS – Orphan Healthcare Support Project

Working in Mombasa and the Coast area we jointly supported the creation of a consortium of charities and local organisations to co-ordinate and support the care delivered by independent orphanages.

We currently deliver free healthcare services to 8 orphanages which is almost 900 children.

With your support you can help these orphan children stay healthy and fulfil their potential.