Gaza Medical Aid Support Program – 2014


We have been working in Palestine on and off since 2006 and understand the challenges.

The Israeli offensive, “Protective Edge” launched in July 2014 against Gaza has left hundreds dead and thousands wounded. Basic human needs are very difficult to provide as the border is closed by Egypt.  Medical supplies are desperately short across all primary health care & hospital facilities.  IDF attacks on hospitals and healthworkers has made it unsafe for even ambulances to move around.

Our focus is to support the devastated communities located in Gaza City in the vicinity of our local partner – Hayfa Medical Centre.  Hayfa is a local charity running a comprehensive care centre with a dedicated medical team providing a range of primary healthcare and outpatient services.

Whilst the news is full of acute trauma and wounded patients, thousands of people including the elderly, women, children and infants with chronic illnesses are desperately short of medications and drugs. They are just as affected. Doctors Worldwide has launched an appeal to provide:

– Medications for those with long term & chronic illnesses such diabetes and CVD
– Infant and baby feeds for the sick and malnourished

DWW is committed to transparency & accountability to its supporters and donors. It is important to understand that lots of Charities are fundraising but the great difficulty is getting supplies into Gaza as border crossings are closed. We aim to spend your funds as quickly as possible using private sector supplies already in Gaza and are also working collaboratively to secure access of supplies through the border. We will keep you updated on developments.

Please support us and donate.