Eyehealth – Restoring Sight

80% of blindness can be cured or prevented. Some 90% of people affected by blindness or low vision live in low income developing countries.  Gaining access to eyehealth services can sometimes be an impossibility.

33% of sight loss issues are because of cataracts.  Often affecting adults over the age of 50, their impact goes beyond the person and creates issues for families where grandparents play a strong carer role for children.

Based in Kibaha, a town outside Dar Es Salaam, Medewell is a local charitable medical clinic providing a range of primary healthcare services. Since early 2015, we have been working them to develop and deliver a range of services for the poor.

With your support DWW and Medewell were able to carry out 423 patient consultations and carry out 118 operations to restore sight in 2015. All for free.

In 2017, we will be expanding our work to focus on children affected by low vision which can be simply corrected by a pair of glasses.