Bangladesh is one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. Lying in the delta plain of three major rivers – the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna – the country is prone to regular flooding and cyclones.

Bangladesh has made significant improvements in a number of health indicators, including an increase in life expectancy and literacy rates and a reduction in maternal and child mortality, but millions of people still live in extreme poverty. The health infrastructure is extensive but there are many barriers to access, including the high price of hospital care, poor regulation of health services, and an increase in long-term diseases such as diabetes.

Since August 2017, following outbreak of violence towards the Rohingya community in Myanmar, over 650,000 Rohingya refugees escaped Myanmar by foot, crossing the border into Bangladesh. Doctors Worldwide has been working in Cox’s Bazar, in the South Eastern part of Bangladesh, training local Bangladeshi doctors to respond to the Rohingya refugee crisis.