Our Annual Impact Summary 2016-17

Welcome to our first blog post! It’s an opportune time to share with you an infographic summarising our  key activities and impact during  2016-17.

We have worked hard in the last year to provide access to quality healthcare and bring good health to poor communities. Millions of the poor lack access to basic healthcare. It creates emotional and financial burdens that leave long lasting scars on families and communities. Poor health doesn’t create wealth; only more poverty.

We’ve provided 44,574 patient visits and safely delivered 938 babies. There’s much more to be done. Low cost, High Impact is the mantra!

Our appreciation and thanks for all the donations and support.  We invite you to continue to stand alongside Doctors Worldwide and our communities in Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.

Please click here to download a PDF version of the Infographic

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