Our mission is to serve communities in need through the provision of sustainable medical relief and health based development programmes worldwide.


Having witnessed the Balkan conflicts of Bosnia and Kosovo, a group of international medics got together and established Doctors Worldwide in 2000 as a UK charity. With a head office in Manchester, the organisation then expanded and created a branch –  Doctors Worldwide Turkey.

To date we have undertaken numerous projects across Asia, Middle East, Central America and Africa with a simple aim; to help local communities to develop, build and sustain health services such as maternity clinics and hospitals. We have responded to many of the serious emergencies and disasters of recent years such as the 2011 East Africa Famine, 2011+2010 floods in Pakistan, Haiti in 2010, 2005 earthquake in Kashmir and the 2005 Asian Tsunami in Sri Lanka.


We are an independent charity, funded entirely by private donations. We are not a faith organisation or a political one. However, we do recognise the importance of cultural, religious and universal humanitarian values. By linking medical expertise with cultural knowledge and values, we can build capacity, empower local communities, and produce effective solutions that will leave a lasting legacy long after we have gone.



All of our work would not be possible without our donors and our volunteers. At heart we are a volunteer organisation. Whether you are a doctor, nurse or health specialist, we try and help you a find a role to help those who deserve to receive a basic human right of access to healthcare. We realise that long term sustainability comes about by being committed to local communities for the longer term. Our cultural approach allows us to understand how things get done locally. We avoid corruption and do our best ensure that donor funds are spent transparently and wisely. We aim to tell all our donors where their funds have been spent. Our expertise in creative solutions and experience in healthcare means we often come up with ideas and projects that are simple and don’t cost much.

We don’t hand out medical equipment to locals, take pictures and then leave them to it. As an NGO, we think differently, act differently but deliver where it matters.

The Team